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15 Gallon Copper Propane Distiller With Glass Essencier

15 Gallon Copper Propane Distiller With Glass Essencier

Proudly manufactured in the USA of pure high quality copper, this is the newest member of our distillation equipment family. It's both beautiful and functional.

This 15 gallon distiller is perfect for distilling lavender and Lavandin. Copper eliminates sulfur compounds, creating a crisp sweet essential oil directly out of the still.

You can expect to be able to distill about 20 pounds of fresh raw material per batch. (This may vary depending on the material and how tightly packed the distiller is)

Included with our 15 gallon copper distiller, is a new efficient Glass Essencier. The Glass Essencier is indispensable for separating distillate waters (hydrosols) from essential oils. 

Also included, you will find a circulating pump, water bucket and tubing.

Crates are built especially for each distiller, to insure that there is no damage during shipping. The cost of the crate is $130.

Freight charges are additional, and are determined by weight, destination and mode of transport. Please call (800)729-5912 for a freight quote. Our internet special free shipping policy for orders over $150 DOES NOT apply to distillation equipment.

For those wishing to pick up their distillers, there is no crating charge. Please note: Each distiller is made to order. Expect 4 to 6 week manufacturing on this unit.



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