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10 Gallon Electric Still

Made of heavy duty copper with brass fittings. Some areas such as where the tubing joins copper sheet are welded with a clean and lead-free silver solder. All materials are safe for potable liquids and contaminate free.

Each still is pressure tested before packaging.

More efficient than the 5 Gallon, with a two stage water cooled condensing column, capable of producing 4-6 quarts of alcohol in 2 to 3 hours.

Heated with a 230V, 3000w electric heater as standard.

Complete and ready to use (the 230V heater will require a dedicated breaker and wiring in by a qualified electrician).

120v , 2000W "Plug in and Go" heater is available for the same price as the standard 230V, 3000W, but this will take much longer for the still to heat up. Please specify if you wish to order with the 120V, 2000W heater instead of the standard heater.


  • Two stage, water cooled column with an internal condenser and a sealed alcohol cooler
  • 2 High Quality, Calibratable Stainless Steel Thermometers
  • Choice of 240V, 3000w, or 120V, 2000w Internal Electric Heater with thermostat and cord. The 240V, 3000w is recommended

Apply for an alcohol fuel permit:

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