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The Mini-Still

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The Mini-Still

For those of you looking for small scale commercial distillation units this apparatus is perfect for distilling essential oils from lavender, fir needles, peppermint, euclyptus or any other plant that requires steam distillation

Mini StillStainless steel all food grade. This turnkey unit is available in 100 US Gallon capacities. Shipped anywhere in the world. This unit requires a small boiler for the production of steam. Minimum 8 horsepower low pressure steam generator. Easy to set up and simple to use. Condenser temperature can be regulated for proper condensation. The Min-Still is easy to load and easy to dump spent material. Perfect for producing aromatherapy essential oils. Expected yields per batch from lavandin can be as much as 4 pounds of essential oil per batch.

Mobile essential oil still

To view a Mini-Still on a trailer in operation click here

The essencier is used to separate the essential oil from the hydrosolA unique design for separating essential oils from distillate waters. Maximize your yield!



100 Gallon Stainless Steel Distiller w/condenser and receiving can. No boiler. ASK
100 Gallon Stainless Steel Distiller w/ condenser and receiving can. 8 horsepower boiler ASK
100 Gallon Stainless Steel Distiller w/ condenser and receiving can. 8 horsepower boiler. On a trailer. ASK
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Brandy Still

The Alambic 80 is for the professional distiller seeking to make quality cognac and brandies. This beautiful and functional; apparatus can be purchased without the preheating system, for use in distilling whiskey, vodka, bourbon etc.