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Make Your Own Incense Using Unscented Cones and Sticks

unscented incense conesTo make your own incense using blank cones and sticks: First, make your fragrance blend. This can be a blend of essential oils or perfume oils. You can also use single note perfume oils, or individual essental oils. Patchouli, sandalwood, lavender, bay are some favorite essential oils. Almond, coconut, apple, bayberry are some favorite perfume oils. Be creative and make your own unique fragrance!

the sizing for unscented incense conesDilute your blend or single oil in alcohol; 1/3 fragrance blend 2/3 alcohol. Denatured alcohol is inexpensive and can be purchased at a hardware store. Other alcohols can be used; you must make certain that the percentage of alcohol is higer then 40%. Isopropyl alcohol will do, but it generally already has a fragrance added. Pure grain alcohol may be available at a liquor store. Pour your diluted fragrance into a tall jar, or coffee can. A deep tray can also be used. Soak your blank sticks or cones in the blend for 24 hours. Remove from the liquid, and dry for another 24 hours. Baking racks are useful for this. You can also make a rack using a window screen. Be careful! Alcohol is flammable! Always make your incense in a well ventilated room with no open flames, away from heat sources. Once your cones and sticks are completely dry, they are ready for burning. Do not burn your incense until they are completely dry. ENJOY!!

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