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Greece Summer Session Schedule 2006

Welcome to SS 301 Summer Session in Greece May 22nd to May 31st, 2006

Daily Schedule

Day 1 Monday: May 22:

We suggest you arrive in Syros at least one day, preferably two days prior to the start of summer school. This will allow you to acclimatize, recover from your jetlag and avoid you missing any classes if you experience any travel delays . ACHS staff will pick you up at the Hermes Hotel in Ermoupoli at 1 pm. Look for a person holding a sign in this foyer. We will travel for approximately 15 minutes to the quaint and picturesque Villa Abela.  You will have some time to unpack, and settle in.
2-3 pm:  Welcome and orientation by Dorene Petersen and Robert Seidel. Introductions from all attendees.3 to 3:30 pm:  

Workshop 1: We will learn to prepare both a water and oil based insect repellant. 4:30 to 6:30 pm:        Guest lecturer to assist us to learn some basic Greek with a brief introduction to the historical highlights of Syros, particularly the medieval village of Ano Syros and the town of Ermoupoli.

7 pm:   Dinner at the Taverna on the Beach

Evening:      Free to relax, settle in, and mingle with your fellow students.

Day 2 Tuesday: May 23rd

7 am:   Optional early morning hike.

8 am:   Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9 .30 to 1:00 pm: 

Leave by bus for Tour 1: A fluent Greek speaker will guide us on a tour of the historical wonders of Ano Syros. With its walls, narrow lanes and arches, this village has kept much of its medieval character. The steep streets and countless steps lend the town the charm of a bygone age. At the very top of the town is the Catholic Cathedral of St. George, next to which stands the Centre for Historical Studies. We continue and take time to get to know each other and Syros as we explore the architectural and historical highlights of the town of Ermoupoli. We visit the treasures of the town such as Miaoulis Square, the famous Apoolon Theatre, the Museum, the impressive Town Hall, and then wander through the Vaporia district famous for the neoclassical architecture with wonderful old mansions right on the sea shore.

1:00- 2:00 pm:  Lunch on the waterfront in Ermoupoli

2.15 to 2:45 pm:    Return by bus to Villa Abela

3:00 to 5:30 pm:    Lecture 1: Introductory lecture in essential oil, tincture and infused oil production; distillation; quality control, and chemistry of essential oils.

Lecture 2: Harvesting for distillation and factors influencing quality.  Methods of production.

Lecture 3: The art and science of distillation and understand concepts such as vapor pressure, latent heat, cohobation, rectification and separation.

5:30 to dinner: At leisure

7 pm:: Dinner at the Taverna on the beach

Day 3 Wednesday: May 24th

7am: Optional early morning hike.

8 am: Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9.30 am:   Leave by bus for Tour 2: Visit a location to learn to identify plants and sustainably wildcraft plants for distillation. We will harvest wild plants to take back and distill in the afternoon.

12 midday: Lunch will be a picnic on location

2 pm: Return by bus to Abela Villa

2:30 to 5 pm:  

Workshop 2:  Distillation: Everyone will participate in distillation in two stills. We will learn to use a distillation worksheet and compare our product from a copper and a stainless steel unit. We learn how to use a separator and bottle and label the essential oil and hydrolat to be shared between the class to take home.

3:30  to 4:30 pm   

Lecture 4: While we wait for the distillation to take place we learn the basics, of Iridology analysis. Our goal is to be able to identify some common signs, and symptoms in our own and each other's, eyes.

7 pm: Dinner at the Taverna on the beach

Evening:  At leisure

Day 4 Thursday: May 25th

7am: Optional early morning hike.

8 am: Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach.

9.15 am: 

Leave by Bus for Tour 3: We hike to a sacred spring, identifying plants along the way, and sustainably wildcraft Salvia triloba, also known as Mountain tea. After we finish gathering, we take a guided visit to an historical Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to Saint Barbara, situated high above the quaint fishing village of Kini. The monastery houses some spectacular mosaics and icons. The nuns who run the monastery are famous for artisan weaving. We meet the nuns and see the weaving techniques unique to this Monastery. There is an opportunity to purchase exquisite throws, rugs, shawls, and scarves. We will have morning tea at the Monastery.

12:30 pm: Return by bus to Abela and lunch at the Taverna

2 pm to 3:00    

Lecture 5: What is Aromatherapy: including where do essential oils come from, location and composition of essential oil secretory structures, how essential oils are made, plus an introduction to the various ways we can prepare oils including maceration.

3.30 to 5.30 pm:  

Workshop 3: Distillation: Everyone will complete a distillation worksheet and participate in distillation in two stills, bottling and labeling of the essential oil and hydrolat to be shared equally between the class to take home.

5.30 pm to 8.30 pm:  Rest to prepare for evening.

9 pm to 11.00 pm:   Leave by bus for dinner at the Taverna in a quaint seaside village called Galissas.  Enjoy a variety of fresh foods, some from the restaurant owner's vegetable garden, while watching (or taking part in) traditional Greek dancing.

11.30 pm:  Return by bus to Villa Abela

Day 5 Friday: May 26th

7am:      Optional early morning hike.

8 am:    Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9.30 to 11.30 am:  Visit a local farm to harvest both geranium and rosemary for distillation in the afternoon and tincture and infused oil preparation tomorrow. Enjoy a talk on goat cheese production, and olive preparation.

12 midday:  Return by bus to Villa Abela and lunch at the Taverna on the beach

2 to 5.30 pm:

Workshop 4: Distillation: Everyone will complete a distillation worksheet and participate in distillation in two stills, bottling and labeling of the essential oil and hydrolat to be shared equally between the class to take home.

2 pm to 3 pm: Lecture 6: During the distillation we review eight essential oils from plants of the region: Cistus, Fennel, Geranium, Immortelle, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, and Vitex. We study the plants used to produce the oils in your SS 301 oil kit.

3:30 to 7:50 pm:       At leisure in preparation for the evening.

8 pm: to 11:30 pm:   Leave by bus for our evening in the town of Ermoupoli which buzzes with night life. Our evening meal is at a gourmet seaside restaurant and we stay to experience the nightlife. The bus will return from Ermoupoli at 11:30 pm.  Other arrangements can be made for a later return but are the responsibility of each participant

Day 6 Saturday: May 27th

8.30 am:   Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach. Free time in the morning until 10:30                     to recover from our night out.

10:30 am: Lecture 7: Solubility: Here we learn what solvents extract various constituents.

12 midday:  Lunch at the Taverna on the beach

2 to 4 pm:     Workshop 5:  We prepare tinctures and macerated oils.  

6.30 to 9:30 pm:  Leave by bus for a wonderful restaurant called The Captain's. Here we relish freshly prepared Greek cuisine while enjoying the astonishing sunset view overlooking the quaint fishing village of Kini.

Day 7 Sunday:  May 28th

7am: Optional early morning hike.

8 am:  Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach.

9 to 11.30 am:   

Workshop 6: Flower Essence Preparation: We hike to gather and prepare flower essences on location.

12 midday: Lunch at the Taverna on the beach.

2 to 4 pm:    Lecture 8:  What smell is that? Here we learn aroma recognition of specific active constituents that we may recognize both in plants and essential oils and begin to understand their potential therapeutic action.

6:00 to 10:00 pm:    Leave by bus for an evening meal in a quaint Taverna overlooking Grammatá Bay, in earlier times a welcome harbor of refuge with Roman and medieval inscriptions (expressions of thanksgiving, prayers). Enjoy a relaxing evening sunset.

Day 8 Monday: May 29th

7am:  Optional early morning hike.

8:30 am:  Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9:30 to 1:00 pm:   At leisure for shopping or a morning on the beach

1:30 to 2:30 pm:   Lunch at the Taverna on the beach

3:30 to 5:30 pm       

Workshop 7: Reflexology: Prepare a blended aromatic oil and learn how to improve health with foot massage.

4 to 6:00 pm   Two Guest lecturers: The first will introduce us to a brief history of Greece during the era of Hippocrates the father of Medicine, including an introduction to the sacred Pan Hellenic sanctuary on the island of Delos (our destination tomorrow). Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and is now a World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO. The lecture will focus on some of the highlights we can expect to see tomorrow, including the famous Terrace of the Lions.

Guest lecturer 2.  A Greek holistic doctor will talk about her specialties, which include Bach Flower Essences, essential oils and Greek therapeutic herbs. She will also share her experiences while volunteering in India where she taught doctors her holistic approaches.

6.30 pm:   Dinner at Taverna on the beach. Tonight students should spend some time packing and preparing for our adventure tomorrow.

Day 9 Tuesday: May 30th

8.30 am:  Breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9.30 am:   Depart for our all day bon voyage journey and graduation ceremony with an unforgettable sailing trip to the sanctuary of Delos. Here we are guided through the sanctuary by our lecturer from the pervious evening and we enjoy free time to explore.

Lunch      Picnic and graduation on the beach.

9pm-11pm     Return to the island of Syros - exact time depends on weather conditions.

Day 10 Wednesday: May 31st

8.30 am:  Farewell breakfast at the Taverna on the beach

9 to 11.30am      Finish packing and preparing to leave. A sad farewell, but leaving with happy memories!

11.30 am Transfer to the airport or ferry terminal.

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