The Essential Oil Company

Dr. Wilde Florasols

Dr Peter WildeThe Essential Oil Company is pleased to offer Wilde & Company's "Florasols" produced by Dr. Peter Wilde in the United Kingdom . These exquisite oils capture the totality of fragrant materials, yielding a product true to the plants from which they are derived.

Wilde & Co. products are produced using a revolutionary extraction process devised and developed over the past 10 years by Dr. Peter F. Wilde.

The system of extraction uses a new family of benign non-CFC gaseous solvents (R134a) "Florasol" developed by many international chemical companies to replace chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFCs) which are being phased out under the terms of the Montreal Convention. In the late 1980s Dr. Wilde first recognized the unique properties of these new hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants as solvents for the extraction of aromatic oils and biologically active components from plant materials, for use in the food, pharmaceutical, aromatherapy and perfume industries.

On December 14, 1996 the Scientific Committee for Food of the European Commission approved an amendment to "The Solvents Directive", to include "Florasol" (R134a), the solvent upon which the process is based, as an acceptable solvent for the extraction of flavors for use in food. " Florasol" (R134a) is intrinsically safe and has also been approved by the FDA as a propellant for inhalers used by asthma sufferers. An application for the use of "Florasol" (R134a) as a flavor extractant in the USA is presently being considered by the FDA.

This breakthrough has been achieved in an era during which consumers and legislators worldwide are increasingly sensitive to the potential hazards of solvent residues.


The solvents are non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic. With the aforementioned virtues the process is extremely safe for operators and the end products surpass the most stringent quality and safety standards.

The solvent are ozone friendly and present absolutely no hazard to the environment.

Extraction occurs at or below ambient temperatures,hence there is no thermal degradation of the products.

There is no vacuum distillation required to remove the solvents, so highly volatile notes are retained and the end products more closely represent the natural state.

There are low energy requirements for the process, using very little electricity and no fossil fuels, coal nor wood. There are no "waters" to dispose of. The exhausted plant material can be composted, returned to the land or fed to farm animals.

The extraction process utilizes the selectivity of the solvent and produces a free flowing clear oil free of waxes.

Florasols are:

never heated above room temperature
never exposed to acids
complete with all their volatile, fragrant and active components
approved for quality by many major pharmaceutical companies
manufactured with out the need of alcohol
entirely free of hexane and other toxic residues
approved for use in the European Community

This Revolutionary Process:

is very gentle
extracts no waxes or fats
emits nothing into the environment
produces no effluent
does not use toxic solvents
requires little energy
is not hazardous

The process developed by Dr. Wilde is the most environmentally friendly way of preparing fine, pure natural oils from plants