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Portable Table Top Essential Oil Distiller.
7.5 gallon copper essential oil still

Robert Seidel 2012Designed by Robert Seidel, President of The Essential Oil Company

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This attractive all copper distiller is perfect for making essential oils via water and steam or hydrodistillation. It is also excellent for creating your own flower and plant waters ("hydrosols"). It can easily be used to make essential oils from plants such as LavenderRosemaryPine and Fir NeedlesPeppermint,BasilEucalyptus Leaves etc.

This distiller is available in either propane or electric, depending on your needs. Also available in food grade Stainless Steel.

The system is divided into three components: Retort, Bird's Beak, Condenser


The retort is the cylinder which holds your plant material and water.

Capacity: Approximately 1 cubic foot, 7.5 Gallons, 28.4 liters

*On the retort, there is a sight glass to keep track of the water level within the retort. It is very important not to run the distiller with a low water level.

*The heater which is attached to the bottom (vertical) of the retort can be plugged in to any outlet. Temperature is already set for boiling water in the electric models. For the propane models, the burner is placed below the retort and can be regulated as you desire.

*A drain valve is also on the bottom of the cylinder for emptying the water after distillation.

*There is a fitting on the top of the retort allow the adding water during distillation or can be used for comminution of distillate waters. Sometimes it is a good idea to redistill the first waters that come through the condenser.


The Bird's Beak attaches to the top of the retort.

*The top of the retort is gasketed and provides an excellent seal against steam leaks.

*The cone of the Bird's Beak is attached as a "lid" secured in place with stainless steel wing nuts.

*The cone is equipped with a thermometer (Fahrenheit) to monitor the temperature at the top of the retort.

Steam from the retort travels through the Bird's Beak on its way to the condenser.


The purpose of the condenser is to cool the steam generated in the retort, causing the steam to revert to liquid form. The steam carries the essential oils in a suspension. The condenser requires that water be added periodically to cool the steam.

*Steam enters through the top of the condenser.

Our new condenser harkens back to the old style French condenser. It is open top, and water can simply be added as needed to maintain the desired temperature. This eliminates the need for pumping water to circulate through the condenser. It also enables ready use for a propane distiller in the field.

 Our new Glass Essencier. This beautiful piece can be used for separating essential oils from the hydrosols for most small scale distillation apparatus $250 US (included with distillers below)


View Instructions for Distiller Operation
Total capacity for these distillers: Approx. 1 cubic foot, 7.5 Gallons, 28.4 litres

Copper /electric: $3299 US w/Glass Essencier

Copper/propane: $3299 US w/Glass Essencier

Stainless Steel 10 Gallon electric: $4069 US

Stainless Steel 10 Gallon propane: $4069 US

Copper Essencier $450.00 (without a distiller purchase)

All prices FOB Oregon. Crating is an additional charge of $115.00 US

Copper Electric with condenser
36 inches
29 inches
11 inches
Copper Propane with condenser
36 inches
29 inches
11 inches

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functional small copper alembic still

Various configurations can be made to order: direct fire,gas,electric etc.

If interested please email Robert Seidel

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