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Top Essential Oils For Gardening >

35 Gallon Stainless Steel Water-Steam Distiller

 35 Gallon Stainless Steel Water-Steam Distiller.  This still is perfect for distilling essential oils and hydrosols.  Excellent distiller for those with a small farm, or large garden.

35 gallon water/steam distiller

Floor Area- Footprint 52" wide x 64" deep
Overall Height 98" tall
Stainless Basket ID 21.5" x 23"

All surfaces that come into contact with essential oils and hydrosols are made of stainless steel to prevent the possibility of contamination.  

The Retort or "tub" for the 35 gallon stainless steel distiller

Automatic water level control ensures that you will not run out of water during distillation. The low water shut off is another added safety feature. Automatic pilot ignition turns on your burner when heat is needed.  

The retort (cooker pot assembly) is coated with a thermal barrier powder coat to maximize heat retention and save energy

Control panel for the 35 gallon distiller

The electronic control panel is used to keep the distillate at the temperature you want it to be maintained

The 35 gallon distiller is equipped with a handy tipping device to tmpty the basket of spent material

The dump stand heps in tipping the basket to empty it of spent plant material,

A winch will help load and unload the still

An electric hoist is included to help load and unload the basket, into and out of the retort (cook pot assembly). This makes lifting a heavy load that much easier.

The Essential Oil Company represents Newhouse Manufacturing and their fine distillation apparatus. For current pricing on this distiller and our other distillation equipment please click here