Bitter Orange Oil
Bitter Orange Oil Bitter Orange Oil

Oil of Bitter Orange Citrus bigaradia, C. aurantium amara Brazil, Paraguay Cultivated

Warm "tangerine like" fragrance. Very pleasant in all blends requiring a citrus note. Nice in men's colognes and after-shaves. Used frequently by naturopathic physicians.

Bitter orange oil is extracted from the fruit peel using steam distillation or cold pressing. It is mostly produced in Brazil, Egypt, and the USA. Blends well with Black Pepper, Cary Sage, Bay, Neroli, Vetivert, Ginger, Myrrh, and other citrus oils.

Bitter orange oil is a natural deodorizer used in body sprays, perfumes, air fresheners, candles, household cleaning products, detergents, and colognes. It is also a natural stimulant, great for diffusers and inhalants to wake up the body and mind. As with all cold-pressed citrus oils, bitter orange oil may cause irritation to the skin. Be sure to dilute before applying to skin and use caution.

May also be used as a flavoring agent.

Bitter orange oil has been used in weight loss products, aromatherapy products, culinary purposes, homeopathic products, air fresheners, lotions, face lotions, deodorants, skincare products, household cleaning products, detergents, candles, body sprays, perfumes, and colognes.


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