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Amyris Oil

Oil of Amyris  Amyris balsamifera West Indies Wildcrafted

So called West Indies Sandalwood Oil. Not as nice as Mysore Sandalwood Oil. It is from a different botanical source but employed as a replacement for the Mysore in blending.

Amyris is known for the intense scent of its essential oil, extracted using the steam distillation method. The oil comes from a small bush that grows in Haiti as well as central america. Having a thicker consistency, the color is a lighter, almost pale yellow. It is commonly called "West Indian sandalwood oil" or "candle wood" because the oils burns like that of a candle.

Amyris oil blends well with oils such as orange, bergamot, and pine.

Amyris oil is used in soap making and in other high end cosmetics.  It is popular in lotions and creams.

Also used as a perfume, Amyris oil has been called a "mood" perfume, said to give the over all feeling of well-being and anxiety reduction. Because it has a very woodsy aroma that tends to be more rich than other oils, it is used in a lot of male perfumes. Also said to be an aphrodisiac.

Amyris Oil has been used as a replacement for Sandalwood Oil in soaps, lotions, creams, "anti-aging" cosmetics, perfumes, and incense sticks.


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