Fir Needle Oil Canada
Fir Needle Oil Canada Fir Needle Oil Canadian - Balsam Fir Oil

Oil of Fir Needle Canadian Abies balsamea Canada Wildcrafted

Traditional Christmas scent in the Northeast USA. Pleasant aroma used in perfumes, soaps, candles and potpourris.

Fir Needle Oil Canadian is extracted from the branches and needles of the tree using steam distillation. Also known as Balsam Fir Oil. Having an aroma that is exhilarating to the senses, with a clean and fresh, this scent is very familiar to many people having a fresh forest smell, reminding those of Christmas. Balsam Fir is grown commercially as a Christmas tree.

Blends well with cinnamon, cedarwood, orange, frankincense, rosewood, eucalyptus, ginger, and clove oil. Because of its familiar and comforting aroma to many people it is used in many household products such as air freshener sprays, candles, potpourri, laundry products and other similar items. Aiding in the relief of breathing problems such as asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, coughs, and other similar problems. It can be used in vapor therapy, as an inhalant, in steam therapy, or massaged directly onto the chest to relax the breathing. Also suggested for those suffering from muscular and joint pain. Helping to relieve tension and inflammation in those who suffer from rheumatism or arthritis.

Fir Needle Oil Canadian has been used in soap making, perfumes, candle making, air fresheners, lotions, deodorizing sprays, massage oils, skin care products, sprays, cosmetics, aromatherapy products, bath oils, creams, lotions, incense, body fragrances, vapor therapy, mist sprays, and diffusers.

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