Cypress Oil
Cypress Oil Cypress Oil

Oil of Cypress Cupressus sempervirens Southern Europe Wildcrafted

Stimulates the circulation. Good addition for perfumes and muscle rubs.

Cypress Oil is extracted using the steam distillation method from the leafy branches. The aroma is similar to that of pine, smokey, and woody. Cosmetically it works great on the skin reducing oily hair and skin. Also a great way to reduce [erspiration. Cypress oil is an anti-depressant uplifting the mood, stress reliever, relaxes nervous tension, anxiety, and irritability. Helping mental attentiveness, alertness, and reduces fatigue. Known for its aid for those suffering form respiratory conditions such as laryngitis, coughing, spasmodic coughing, sinus problems, it is an antiseptic and astringent. It helps to relieve congestion and increases circulation. Suggested uses are using as a steam, applying drops on pillow, or in a diffuser. Can also be used on varicose veins, for low blood pressure, bad circulation, hemorrhoids, for deodorizing, cramps, edema, ulcers.

For ladies it can be very helpful for those going through menopause helping to reduce symptoms. Also helps to control heavy period and problems with menstruation. Cypress oil should be avoided during early pregnancy.

Cypress Oil has been used in lotions, massage oils, body fragrances, lotions, laundry, facial steams, air fresheners, perfumes, diffusers, bath oils, soap making, hair treatments, deodorants, vaporization.

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