Cedarwood Oil Virginia
Cedarwood Oil Virginia Cedarwood Oil Virginia

Oil of Cedarwood Juniperus virginiana USA Wildcrafted

Drying when applied to acne eruptions. Pleasant fragrance blends well and serves as a good fixative in perfumes. Known to repel moths and other insects.

Cedarwood Oil Virginia is extracted from the wood of the tree using steam distillation. Its aroma can be described as balsamic with a woodsy note. It blends well with Juniper, Vetivert, Rose, and Sandalwood oils.

Cedarwood Oil Virginia is a relaxant and can be used as a sedative. Commonly used in household products to ward off insects.

Cedarwood Oil Virginia offers healing properties for the skin.

Cedarwood Oil Virginia has been used in facial cleansers, lotions, body washes, insect repellent, muscle relaxant, stress relievers, natural treatments for arthritis and rheumatism.


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