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Balsam Peru Oil

Oil of Balsam Peru Myroxylon pereirae  Central & South America  Wildcrafted

Similar qualities in fragrance and use to the Genuine. Easier to work with than Balsam Peru Genuine. Less effective as a fixative.

Balsam Peru Oil is extracted from Balsam Peru Genuine using volatile solvents.  Due to the high boiling point of the oil steam distillation is not used for extraction.   Baslam Peru Oil has a very fresh and earthy vanilla like aroma.  Because it loves the shade it is often grown on coffee plantations to accommodate that.  

The aroma is very soothing, relaxing, and calming to the emotions.  Great for people suffering from stress or anxiety.  It helps to calm the nerves and emotions leaving the mind more clear and focused.  Commonly used in diffusers being released into the air.

Blends well in fragrances where a "vanilla" note is needed.


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