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Anise Oil

Distilled Essential Oil of Anise Pimpinella anisum Spain Cultivated

Pleasant and sweet. Traditional flavoring material.

Anise Seed Oil extracted using the steam distillation method it is mostly produced in China, Spain, and Egypt. Know worldwide for its sweet licorice aroma and taste, it is a very unique and distinct oil. It blends well with oils such as rose, lavender, black pepper, and bay. Fisherman use Anise Seed Oil to enhance their bait

Anise Seed Oil is used all over the globe for its use in liquor. In fact the most popular drink in Turkey called, Raki,is made with Anise. Also used in Greece for ouzo, middle eastern Arak, Sambucca made it Italy, Jagermeister made in Germany, as well as absinthe.

Also aids in mood enhancement, having a grounding effect, helps boost mental stamina, helps give a feeling of confidence, and is very energizing. Anise seed oil is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Anise Oil has been used in soap making, massage oils, shampoos, teas, beverages, culinary preparations and perfumes.

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