Rum Distiller

0.7Liter Miniature Rum Distiller With Alcohol Burner

This is our smallest functional still using a refining process. Rectification (or refining) is the process of purifying the alcohol vapors in order to remove water and other undesirable items. The distillate will have a higher percentage of alcohol with one distillation process.

In this type of still liquid (wine etc) is placed in the main vessel (which will be heated) and in the other two smaller recipients. As the wine is heated, vapors are generated and these travel to the second and third pot (the vapors are released at the bottom of each pot through a copper tube).

The repeated condensation and contact with the liquid help clean the rising vapor as less volatile undesirable material and water vapors fall back. This will increase the percentage of purity.

Complete Set Includes: - copper pot - copper lid (concave shape) - copper refining recipients - brass locking/unlocking attachments - copper water recipient with condensing coil - water inlet and outlet tubing on condensing recipient - copper wick alcohol lamp - wood base

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances.

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Dimensions: H 12" x L 13" x W 6"