Small Miniature Alembic Style Diffuser
Small Miniature Alembic Style Diffuser Large Miniature Alembic Style Diffuser

Miniature Copper Alembic Diffusers

These beautiful Copper Alembic Style Diffusers use a tea light candle as a heat source. Simply add water and 10- 15 drops of essential oil or perfume oil of your choice and fill the room with fragrance. An attractive and functional display piece. Comes in two sizes. Use the large Copper Alembic style Diffuser for longer periods of diffusing. Works great on top of a wood stove, without a candle.

Caution: Please be careful, copper gets very hot very quickly. Be certain to allow the diffuser to cool down before adding more essential oils and water. These diffusers come with a ceramic tile base to prevent damage to furniture as units can get very hot.

Dimensions of Small Diffuser: H-130 mm x L- 80mm x W-50 mm

Dimensions of Large Diffuser: H-250 mm x L- 170 mm x W-100 mm