The Mini-Tub distillation unit
The Mini-Tub distillation unit Mini-Tub open The Mini-Tub distillation unit open

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*Freight charges are additional, and are determined by weight, destination and mode of transport. Please call (800)729-5912 for a freight quote or email info@essentialoil.com

The Mini-Tub Distillation Unit is a 72 cubic foot tub, on wheels. The Mini-Tub is manufactured in the United States, with a stainless steel interior. Plant material, essential oils and hydrosols only come into contact with high quality stainless steel.

The Mini-Tub is designed with wheels, for taking it to the field for filling with plant material. The Tub is equipped with a dumping mechanism which operates using hydrolics (attached to your tractor) The Mini-Tub is filled from the top, and dumped out of the rear.

Once filled, the Mini-Tub is brought to your distillery, where it is then attached to the condenser and your boiler (for steam). After distillation, your Mini-Tub can be wheeled out of the distillery, using a tractor for dumping the spent plant material.

A complete distillation unit is comprised of:

  • 2 x Mini-Tubs
  • Condenser and receiving can (essencier or separator)
  • Feed water tank, plumbing, feed water pump
  • Spare parts and components necessary for installation
  • You will need a boiler, 40 horsepower, low pressure steam generator for this distillation unit. This is not included with the distillation system.

Factory installation is required. A factory engineer will install your apparatus and make certain it is in working order. Travel expenses and time, meals, accommodations and labor are all paid for by the purchaser. Please call for a quote.

Additionally, The Guerilla Distiller - Robert Seidel will travel with the engineer and instruct the purchaser regarding the operation of the still. Travel expenses and accommodations are paid for by the purchaser.

It is recommended that two Mini-Tubs be purchased for efficiency (included in the pricing quoted). While one Mini-Tub is being distilled, the other is being dumped and re-filled.

Freight charges are additional, please call for a freight quote. Freight is only quoted with firm purchase orders, good for 30 days, as freight charges change frequently.


The listed price does not include freight charges or installation costs.

Prices are subject to change without notice.