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Distillers With Electric Hotplate - 1.25 Liter, 2.75 Liter

 Distillers With Electric Hotplate - 1.25 Liter, 2.75 Liter

This distiller is designed for distilling liquids such as wine. It can also be used for making small amounts of hydrosols, The distiller is sealed with a gasket. The lid is held in place with a screw handle, which enables you to easily tighten the lid.

Complete Set Includes: - copper pan at stated capacity - copper lid which acts as a vapor chamber - copper bucket with condensing coil equipped with water inlet and outlet tube - 500 W "Made in Germany" electric plate with an infinitively variable temperature regulator 110/230 V - CE mark of approval (The CE mark indicates conformity with legal directives of the European Union (EU) with regard to safety, health, environment and consumer protection.) - copper cup - rubber seals/gaskets - black metal structure with screw handle to tighten lid - wood base

By default the electric plates are set to 230 V, please set to the correct voltage for your country. Use the voltage selector on the side of the electric plate to set the voltage to 110 V if required.

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances.

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