0.7 liter Miniature Alembic Pot Still #distillation #copper #alembic #distiller #essential oil

0.7 Liter Miniature Alembic Pot Still

Hand Made Copper, made by Artisan coppersmiths in Portugal. The Miniature Alembic distiller is both attractive and functional.

What does my still come with? 

  • Thermometer 
  • Onion Head with Birds Beak
  • Pot
  • Condenser
  • Alcohol Burner
  • Wood Base Stand
  • User Manual    

This distiller is complete with an alcohol burner for heating the "pot".

The Essential Oil Company is a direct importer of these fine distillers. When purchasing from our ready stock, the customer does not have to deal with Customs duties, import, and airport taxes, if shipped within the United States.

We ship from ready stock here in the USA.
The Essential Oil Company handles all customs duties, import and airport taxes from Portugal. The purchaser within the United States does not have to deal with Customs authorities.
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For all units shipped directly from Portugal, the purchaser is also responsible for customs fees, import and airport taxes.

Dimensions: H 15" x L 13" x W 6"