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Making Pure Corn Whiskey

No distiller's bookshelf would be complete without a copy of Ian Smiley's - Making Pure Corn Whiskey, a natural companion to The Compleat Distiller

This is the prime reference work for anyone interested in flavored spirits and beverages.

All the procedures needed to make a wide variety of whiskeys are described in full, concise detail, using modern and scientific methods – from Pure Corn Whiskeys to Bourbon, Peat-Smoked to Corn Squeezins', Thin-Mash, Sour-Mash, All-Grain, Rye-Mash etc etc. Moreover, the same principles can be applied to any other flavored spirit – Grappa, Rum, etc.

The distilling of spirits is illegal in many places. You are however free to read about distilling, and learn what goes into making some of your favorite adult beverages.