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Garlic Oil

Oil of Garlic Allium sativum USA, Mexico, Egypt  Cultivated

Highly concentrated. Can be used diluted or as an ear oil ingredient. may be used for combating worms which trouble pets. Use only small amounts. Makes a good substitute for fresh garlic. 

Garlic Oil is extracted from the cloves of the Garlic plant using steam distillation.  Being an antibiotic naturally garlic oil fight off and prevents infections and keeps toxins out of the body.  Aiding in lowering blood pressure, flu, fever, promotes sweating, bronchitis, impotence, insomnia, helps the liver, reduces cholesterol, and is suggested to those suffering from other heart conditions.  Also helps treat rheumatism, arthritis, earache, diabetes, ulcers, gastritis, and yeast infections.  Helps with skin disorders, speeds up the healing of wounds, bruises, and sores.  Because garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory it can assist in the over all health and wellness of the body and brain.  Another very powerful benefit of garlic oil is its ability as a anticoagulant preventing the blood from clotting.  

Because of its potent and distinct aroma it is used as a natural insect repellent.  

Garlic Oil has been used for stomach problems, anti-inflammatory, yeast infections, natural cholesterol reducers, massage oils, insect repellent, skin care products, sprays, cosmetics, aromatherapy products, bath oils, creams, facial toners, lotions, and is also used for many culinary purposes.  



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