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Cilantro Oil - Coriander Leaf

Oil of Cilantro - Coriander Leaf  Coriandrum sativum  USA  

Distilled from the leaves of Coriander. Used primarily as a flavoring for Mexican foods. A digestive stimulant, helps flatulence. Effective for oily skin. 

Cilantro - Coriander Leaf Oil, also know as  Chinese Parsley Oil  is steamed distilled from the whole plant.  Blends well with Ginger, Clary sage, Cinnamon, Bergamot, Pine, and Jasmine oils.  It is commonly used for commercial culinary purposes.  

Cilantro Oil helps to relieve common flu symptoms such as nausea, fever, headache, migraines, colds, diarrhea, hernias and exhaustion. Because of the calming effects on the stomach it is a great additive to a digestive blend.  Cilantro Oil is a carminative, helping to relieve gas.  Also aiding in muscular pain relief.  Being an anti-inflammatory it reduces aches, stiffness, and muscle soreness.  Soothing discomfort caused from arthritis, rheumatism, and circulation problems.

Cilantro Oil is recommended to those suffering anorexia, because of its ability to increase appetite in a healthy and natural manner.  Also known for being an aphrodisiac increasing the libido. 

Cilantro Oil has been used as a flavoring agent, in digestive blends, for culinary purposes, as a natural pain reliever, deodorants, and in natural dental products.



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