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Jamaican Gold Raw Handpressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Raw Handpressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Jamaica is a beautiful country  Jamaica is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean. The climate is pleasant and the people are wonderful. JAMAICAN GOLD is manufactured for The Essential Oil Company on this sunny island.

  Jamaican Gold is pure handpressed raw virgin coconut oil extracted from organic coconuts. The process is labor intensive, the end product is exquisite, unlike any other coconut oils on the market. The normal run of the mill coconut oil is solvent extracted, bland and odorless. Jamaican Gold is rich in natural coconut aroma.

  Jamaican Gold is an excellent addition to soaps, lotions and massage oils. Great for tanning. The Jamaicans use Jamaican Gold for cooking! Fried fish and plantain are heavenly when cooked in Jamaican Gold. For cooking much less Jamaican Gold is required than when using other vegetable oils. This is the finest small batch raw virgin coconut oil available.


Coconuts waiting to be processedFirst the coconuts are gathered and brought to a shed for further processing


Grinding coconut meat from the shellThe white coconut meat is ground out of the hard shell.
COCONUT SHELLS ARE BURNED TO CREATE HEATThe moist coconut meat is then brought to the "Bar-B-Q" for gentle heating.  During this process using the gentle heat from the fire (fueled by empty coconut shells) and from above, by the sun, moisture is driven out of the fresh coconut meat. The heat applied is very low.
Squeeze test for moisture in the coconut meatThe meat is tested by hand periodically during the drying period to determine if there is still moisture present. If there is moisture present, when squeezed the water and oil will be evident. When the moisture is gone, only oil is evident upon the "Squeeze Test"
Drtied coconut meaat is put into the pressWhen all the moisture has been driven from the fresh coconut meat it is ready to be loaded into the press cylinder.
Coconut meat is hand pressed to extract the oilThe packed cylinder is then placed in the press, and the pressing begins. The oil is filtered and captured in a covered container.
After pressing the spent coconut cake is removed from the press.After pressing the spent coconut cake is removed from the press.
Exhausted coconut meat destined to become cattle feedThe exhausted coconut meat is then fed to livestock. Other uses for this material are being explored.
Drying coconut meat
Here's the crew preparing a batch of fresh coconut meat. It takes between 20 and 25 coconuts to make 3.5kg of fresh coconut meat.
After pressing, each 3.5 kg of meat will yield between .7 and 1 kg of Jamaican Gold
This whole process is very labor intensive and the end product is currently somewhat expensive. As sales of Jamaican Gold increase, additional extraction presses can be installed.
This will increase production, employ more people and reduce the cost
None of the products from this process are wasted. the ground outer shells of the coconut are used for matting and packing fresh plants and flowers. The empty coconut shells are burned for fuel to supply heat for drying the meat. The exhausted meat is then fed to livestock as a nutrient rich meal
It is a win-win situation. Needed cash flow is provided to those who need it for survival. The consumer gets a wonderful unique organic product, rich in natural coconut aroma
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